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Wilder then ever both design and driving wise. But what’s actually hiding under the bonnet?

The new Vantage is here by storm. First time I had the chance to have a glance at the new Vantage was at a car event on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles where it was parked for public viewing. Understandably swarmed by car photographers for a certain amount of hours it prevented me to get a closer look at the car.


But can an entry level car from a brand like Aston Martin with its history be as fun behind the wheel as it is too look at?

Finally had the chance to figure this out myself. For years we’ve all waited for a new version of the Vantage, and the expectations have been rocket-high both from automotive journalists and car lovers. It is here finally and yes, the exterior is not anything like the last generation. They look like two complete different cars! 


To many peoples surprise Aston Martin has put a Mercedes AMG V8 under the bonnet. This is where many loose their hope, a german engine in one of the most english cars to ever exist? But one should be careful with too hasty conclusions. The feeling and balance the engine contributes with is fantastic! Let me explain. 


It doesn’t require many kilometers behind the wheel to feel how the futuristic exterior design is reflected also behind the steering wheel. The aluminium construction which is 30% stiffer than the predecessor is a big boost and with the AMG engine Aston Martin has had the chance to put more time and development to maximize the weight distribution.


With the help of different driving modes you get a stable car in high speeds you can trust, but last but not least- a rear end in sport/track mode that is not shy of keeping you on the edge. The new Vantage is a joy to handle around corners and in Sweden it belongs on the twisty country roads without a doubt. 

From the outside the new Vantage is an elegant and modern sculpture. The design of the car starts with an aggressive front end with probably one of the sportscar markets most unique grills. And the back end is just as well very James Bond like. The taillights extend over the most part of the rear and is formed after the built in wing and the more you look at it the more mesmerizing it looks.

The sound of the AMG V8 is obviously not very Aston Martin like, which is a disappointment. But the 8-speed four litre double turbo V8 doesn’t sound exactly like the typical AMG engine. The engineers have modified the intake and exhaust system to extract a little bit extra in the shape of crackles, pops and exhaust note itself.


Aston Martin has always been known for their interiors, and on the new Vantage they didn​'t hold back!


The interior is well put together like most Aston Martins are and the steering wheel that you’ll never let go of works nicely with the large paddles that are in perfect distance and size for you to be able to shift with all your fingers. Materials are very solid and the colored panels is fairly nice touch.


It does not feel as grown-up or classy like its older brother DB11 does but that is not the point of the Vantage what so ever. The interior has what I feel like the previous generation missed, the sportiness which is what the car breaths.

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