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Bentayga Azure-23.jpeg

Bentley Bentayga
Azure Hybrid

A roadtrip in a brand new Bentayga from Germany to Sweden

Is an ultra luxury SUV the perfect car for a 1100km road trip?

Last time I was sat behind the wheel of a Bentley, it was the Flying Spur Hybrid. A key factor during that test was that the fact that it was one of the first models being partly electrified. The Bentayga, which is Bentleys only SUV is of course one of the models joining the Flying Spur in that segment fighting against other car manufacturers in the electrification process.

Bentayga Azure Cover.jpeg

The Bentayga range is offered in several different editions all with the option of the 4.0 litre V8 or a V6 hybrid 3.0 litre petrol engine. They both look the same except for a badge that pretty much sets the both very different but same looking cars apart.


This stunning Azure edition is optioned with the later of the two engine options and it is clear that Bentleys hybrids are supposed to be subtle but with no compromise of the luxury Bentleys are associated with.

The Azure editions are built with the focus on passenger comfort and wellbeing as Bentley says it themselves. This means that reducing the NVH has played a big part in this model, NVH stands for noise, vibration and harshness. 

It is of course a challenge to figure out how much of a difference the non-Azure models and this one has in a smoother ride experience and say for an example road noise entering the cabin without a side by side comparison.

Interior materials and details have also carefully been chosen to enhance occupants experience.

Bentayga Azure-03.jpeg
Bentayga Azure-05.jpeg

The Bentayga recieved its facelift a few years ago. The front of the car still very much reminds me of the pre-facelift model, however the rear of the car still looks brand new and modern in its own way.

It is a very beautiful and modern looking car that attracts a lot of attention and looks on the roads.

This car is painted in a stunning "Marlin" blue exterior finish, a color that looks very dark blue in their online configurator but in person is completely different- and absolutely fantastic. It is not the most classy Bentley color most probably would go for, but it gives this plug-in hybrid a very sporty and stylish look. 

At first I thought Azure was some type of hommage to the french riviera "Côte d'Azur", but it isn't. However this configuration of the car would fit perfectly down there.

Bentayga Azure-10.jpeg

The interior of all Bentleys have always been of fantastic quality and comfort, and there is no exception here of course. This car has its interior split in the colors "Linen" and "Brunel" which really compliments the Marlin blue exterior in making this car really stand out.

A silver over black specification would have been really boring for this car as many details come to life with a brighter interior such as the diamond quilted upholstery.

The Veneers and top door panels are also optioned with the "Piano Linen" by Mulliner giving it that unique touch, rather than the very typical wooden option you would usually find in most Bentaygas.

Piloting this car through miles and miles of Autobahn is a fantastic experience, the car feels like its hovering over the road as the steering is so smooth and refined along with a chassis and suspension of top quality.


There is no doubt that the V6 hybrid powertrain is a great option even though a more powerful engine is always the more exciting choice for us car enthusiasts.


You also have the opportunity to drive almost 50km in full EV mode which I am sure will come in handy at times but also improve the range in the regular driving modes. 

Bentayga Azure-02.jpeg
Bentayga Azure-08.jpeg

This is for sure a car for someone who doesn't really care what is under the hood. It moves and drives like most other Bentleys, but just not as fast. I am confident in saying that the Bentayga Azure Hybrid is definitely a good road trip car.

And most importantly, just looking at it makes you want to go out for a drive, over and over again!

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