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Bentley Flying
Spur Hybrid

A blue 2022 sedan, according to the Swedish Transport Agency.

Stop the presses. It's much more than that.

It's time for Bentley to completely electrify their model range and the Flying Spur Hybrid is one of the first models to receive electric motors in that process. For a true enthusiast this probably mean loss of soul, and a change of identity for the brand. Does a battery and a hybrid powertrain take away the sheer beauty and unmatched elegance of a Bentley?

Spoiler: it doesn't. The Flying Spur Hybrid combines the brands luxury standard with advanced hybrid technology, but still manages to keep the Bentley aura, with only minor setbacks.

Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid-09.jpg

Not much on the exterior gives away that this car is a Hybrid, a couple badges and an extra "fuel cap", that's pretty much it. Other than that, it looks exactly like the V8 version of the car.

This example is finished in a fantastic blue color over a light interior that goes well with all the chrome details on the exterior as well as the 10-spoke 22-inch rims.

The Flying Spur range is customizeable in a bunch of color combinations for both the exterior and interior in true Bentley fashion.

As the hybrid powertrain has entered the stage, the V8 or V12 have been dropped and replaced with an electric motor and a 2.9 litre V6. However, the performance change in numbers isn't as marginal as the difference in cylinders. The car is just 50 kilos heavier than the V8 sister but still manages a 0-100km/h in almost the same time which is a rapid 4.1 seconds. 

An even quieter and smoother ride with low fuel consumption is a strong selling point for this car, and the fact that it still drives like a proper Bentley although its size and weight shows that this is is how a hybrid is supposed to be done.

Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid-08.jpg

The Flying Spur Hybrid has a hefty price tag, but manages to justify it by keeping its original non-hybrid design and last but not least- its level of luxury that is connected with the brand of the historical British automotive manufacturer.

The seamless transition between electric and the V6 engine ensures a smooth and elegant ride. If driving with earplugs, one could think there is a much larger engine fitted under the bonnet when accelerating and taking on turns. Yes, the sound isn't anything worth mentioning compared to Bentleys V8's or roaring V12's, that is the biggest setback of this car, which for some may not be as important, and for some, possibly a deal-breaker.


Offering also a complete e-mode this car can completely quietly make its way around town, but not for long- only a mere 40km. With a hybrid powertrain, you of course get a fantastic combined range with the combustion engine of the car when driving in the hybrid mode.

Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid-23.jpg

The interior showcases Bentley's fantastic craftsmanship and attention to detail everywhere you look and touch. Lavish materials, including stunning wood veneers, hand-stitched leather upholstery, and gleaming aluminium accents is why Bentley is one of the best manufacturers for luxury interiors.

Small details like the pillows for the headrests, the analogue watch and even the smell of the materials of the interior is something worth remembering.

An exceptional driving experience is promised and it lives up to that, from navigating city streets to conquering open highways or twisty turns, the Flying Spur Hybrid allows you to confidently push it even though the weight of the car.

A bunch of settings lets you control drive modes and find the perfect balance for you suspension and power needs.

Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid-24.jpg
Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid-15.jpg

We know for a fact that ultimately the future of the brand is a fully electric line up, and to get there, Hybrid is the way to start the process, the Bentayga was however first. Bentley were not shy in doing this for the Flying Spur, a car that has set many standards for luxury sedans, but they kept it fairly subtle with only a few giveaways.

This car still represents the remarkable luxury that comes with all Bentleys, but shows its dedication for eco-consciousness and future of the brand.

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