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Transforming a luxury like sportscar into a beast with the sound of a raging monster.

The AMG GT-R is a track-focused version of the highly popular well priced ”regular” Mercedes AMG GT. With minor weight savings and aerodynamic changes it is a fantastic drivers car that produces 577bhp with a 0-60 time in 3.6 seconds. The 0-60 isn’t the fastest but the aggressiveness and pure power this car breaths you will never have a dull moment unless you turn the dials down.

What do I mean with turning the dials down? Well, you can drive the AMG GT-R very calmly and have it feel like the base model AMG GT with the soft suspension setting and not so aggressive driving modes.


The AMG GT-R is a big car and it takes time to get used to the size. The front is massive in size but the engine is set much further back than what you would think, making it a well balanced front-mid engine car.


With the adjustment of a couple buttons you can turn the GT-R into a sliding monster as well. The traction control has 9(!) settings just like their AMG GT3 race cars, however I avoided reviewing all of these in detail. Roads were wet and it is no big surprise that the car is tail happy meaning that driving this car is no joke especially when roads aren’t dry. 

The 4-litre biturbo V8 produces a fantastic deep exhaust note with crackles that pulsate through the seats. The transmission is still the same, but surely with the crackles and pops that it is now tuned to produce much more of I bet that AMG GT-R transmissions will be going through many more downshifts than the regular model.


There is no question that the exterior of the car has been given a proper facelift with the big wing and updated front end. The AMG GT-R competes with the Porsche 991 GT3 and the difference of these two cars are huge. The Porsche is much more nimble and easy to handle but the AMG GT-R just feels like a bigger brother but just as fast in corners and straights.


What's it like inside?


The cabin is surprisingly small and compact compared to the size of the car. The space between driver and passenger is far too big but they still managed to give you a good seating position with a proper steering wheel to grab on to.


Like most recent Mercedes interiors the materials and dials are of very high quality but the placement of all the buttons and dials are too spread out for you to easily use when driving. The visibility along with the long front end of the car is a slighter challenge.


The Mercedes AMG GT-R is by no means a regular Mercedes. It belongs on a track but with a few driving modes changes you have a car suitable for a longer road trip.


And driving it will leave a smile on your face!

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