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9000 rpm and a screaming 4 liter naturally aspirated engine an arm length behind you.

Porsche's GT3 range is some of the world's most appreciated models and the 991.2 GT3 RS is a perfect match for those who like a supercar that breathes racing. On paper, unlike the regular 991.2 GT3, you have 20 more horsepower and 0-100 km/  is only a tenth faster than before. But by far the biggest difference is the looks. The huge rear wing first catches your attention and on closer inspection you can quickly see that both the front and the rear have received a facelift together with the rear lights.

The right way to drive the car is to choose the PDK sport mode for the gearbox, press the button with the exhaust pipes to activate the sport exhaust system, and last but not least - set manual shifting with the paddles so that you can control the music from the 4 liter naturally aspirated engine. Already at start-up, the engine roars, not too much and not too little either.


Like all other Porsches, you insert the key on the left side of the steering wheel. Why? Well, so that you can get away as quickly and smoothly as possible. Now you may never be in such a hurry to get in to your car - but should you ever decide to do a LeMans race with your friends where you start from the other side of the pitlane in a running start, you will be one of the first to get away for sure.


Being behind the wheel of the new RS is an experience. If you've never felt like a racing driver before- the problem is solved.

The car is incredibly easy to handle on twisty roads, the slightly stiffer suspension means that the front-end is rock steady and always ready to match your movements behind the wheel. This also helps when the back-end is playful.


The sound, which is very similar to Porsche's cup cars, together with the hard chassis and sports seats, is a pretty bad combo for driving the car in urban environments. But anywhere with roads that are more exciting than highways, you have a machine that just wants to go faster and faster. Reaching 9000rpm is almost a challenge, I don't know how many times I wanted to shift before the rev limiter. The car is like a recipe for a revoked driver's license.


Although the car thankfully doesn't have a turbo that contributes to the famous "oh my god" moments in many other Porsches, the car is extremely fast with its 520 horsepower in a straight line. The throttle response is instant and the moment you choose to put the pedal to the metal, the car is actually already one step ahead of you, it feels like. Unfortunately, your passenger only has one handle to hold on to, but if you've opted for the Clubsport package, there is a six-point harness they can fasten.


The interior is like many other Porsches, very sophisticated but unlike som of its competitors the RS is very different. As 190cm tall, I have plenty of space above my head and the distance between my legs and the steering wheel is not an issue at all.


The carbon sport seats hug you properly and most of the interior consists of alcantara and leather. The paddles are very small but and stuck to the steering wheel, I do wish these were slightly bigger or fitted to the steering column itself.


Inside of the car

This car is a monster whom is always ready to hit the track. Porsche has succeeded in creating another addictive supercar for us to enjoy.

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